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  • Turkish Iznik Tile Mugs by Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia Shop


    Mugs with Assorted Iznik Tile Designs. The Designs originated from a town called Iznik in Western Anatolia. The mugs are decorated porcelains inspired by the works of the Iznik potters produced circa the last quarter of the 15th Century to the end of the 17th Century.


    Material: Porcelain
    Weight: 400g
    Product Dimensions: Diameter (8cm) x Height (10cm)

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  • Mirrors of Beauty – Museum Guide Book



    Mirrors of Beauty: Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia Guide offers a luminous starting point to approach, enjoy and contemplate the wide-ranging collection of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. An illustrious selection of up to 150 outstanding objects, covering works of calligraphy, illuminated manuscripts, paintings, architectural elements and many others, draws together an enticing close-up of the continually diverse and interconnected cultures of Islamic societies across time, space and media. Elucidated across seven chapters of distinct yet interdependent themes, the lived spectrum of artistic practice, technical fluency and creative vision in various traditions of Islamic art are presented and contextualised through a range of introductory essays and full colour images, supplemented by comprehensive timelines and maps. This publication provides an inviting and accessible accompaniment to the riches of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia collection. 


    Author: Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
    Year Published: 2020
    Pages: 208
    Weight: 80g
    Product Dimensions: 17cm x 1cm 24cm
    Product Code: 978-983-2591-19-1

  • Mirrors of Beauty – Children Museum Guide Book



    Islamic art is never purely decorative, it is always functional” is at the heart of this guidebook, which is a children’s version of ‘Mirror of Beauty’.

    This children’s guidebook aims to shed light on the often intricate world of Islamic arts and culture to its young readers. Though a carefully curated range of artefacts belonging to the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, each chapter delves into a specific topic, ranging from calligraphy to architecture, culminating in the ‘Islamic Art of the Malay World’. At the end of each chapter, the readers are invited to explore and study an artefact in detail. An added feature allows viewers to listen to our museum curators’ explanations on selected artefacts.

    Whether for young readers or those seeking to learn more, this book is an ideal introduction into the Art of the Islamic World.


    Author: Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
    Year Published: 2021
    Pages: 97
    Weight: 50g
    Product Dimensions: 18.5cm x 1cm x 25cm
    Product Code: 978-983-2591-20-7

  • Qajar Ceramics: Bridging Tradition and Modernity



    The Qajar era (1785–1925) was a time of struggle to maintain Persian tradition and identity while embracing innovation and modernity. The rarely explored field of Qajar ceramics typifies the development of the dynasty’s own language and vitality, reflecting the rich vigour of the time. Qajar Ceramics – Bridging Tradition and Modernity is about art in transition, featuring a diversity of ceramic objects from the collection of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. Both the publication and the exhibition offer a closer look at the distinctive characteristics of Qajar ceramics, highlighting their forms, aesthetics and themes. Going further, the publication delves into historical sources, revealing newly discovered and important treatises on ceramic artists and kiln technology. Leading authorities have provided essays that explore the context and achievements of the Qajar era, making this the definitive work on ceramics of a fertile time for the applied arts in Persia.


    Author: Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
    Year Published: 2019
    Pages: 232
    Weight: 1.8kg
    Product Dimensions: 24cm x 2.5cm x 29cm
    Product Code: 978-983-2591-17-7

  • Al-Tibb: Healing Traditions in Islamic Medical Manuscripts



    The search for knowledge has always been central to the Islamic worldview. Combined with the universal quest for good health, this has had a decisive effect on the development of medical literacy in the Islamic tradition. Cities such as Baghdad and Granada grew into nuclei of learning that preserved and promoted scientific knowledge. Out of this fertile landscape emerged some of the greatest thinkers and innovators in the history of mankind; their theories and formulas have influenced the world for centuries. The exhibition, Al-Tibb:  Healing Traditions in Islamic Medical Manuscripts is a pioneering compilation of milestones along this path from the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia collection. Essays by curators and scholars supplement the selection of manuscripts and accompanying objects to provide a comprehensive approach. Anatomy and physiology, divination, pathology, pharmacy and veterinary science are brought together with Malay healing traditions and Prophetic medicine to give an unprecedented breadth to a field that is as fascinating as it is important.


    Author: Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
    Year Published: 2018
    Pages: 268
    Weight: 2.1kg
    Product Dimensions: 26cm x 2.5cm x 29cm
    Product Code: 978-983-2591-15-3

  • The Arabesque – An Introduction



    Versatile, harmonious and timeless, the Arabesque is an ornamental element which features wide in Islamic art, which manifested in the form of stylised leaves and tendrils. The Arabesque: An Introduction explores the scope and finesse of this artistic variety, as curators and specialists trace the history of its growth throughout Muslim lands as expressed through the rich collection of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. The illustrative catalogue accompanies The Arabesque exhibition, which runs from 18 October 2018 to September 2019, in commemoration of the inauguration of the Albukhary Foundation Gallery of the Islamic World at the British Museum.


    Author: Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
    Year Published: 2018
    Pages: 264
    Weight: 1.9kg
    Product Dimensions: 25cm x 2.5cm x 30cm
    Product Code: 978-983-2591-16-0

  • Dala’il al-Khayrat: Prayer Manuscripts From The 16th To 19th Centuries



    In conjunction with the “Dala’il al-Khayrat: Prayer Manuscripts From The 16th To 19th Centuries” exhibition, IAMM is proud to announce the latest addition of its publications that will enhance the experience and knowledge about these celebrated manuscripts from the Islamic Word. Featuring more than 100 artefacts from the collection of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, the catalogue unveils the beauty and intricacy of the pages of Dala’il al-Khayrat and other related artefacts. The collection highlights Dala’il al-Khayrat copies from its native land, Morocco to as far as East Turkistan and China. Dala’il al-Khayrat has inspired calligraphers, illuminators and painters of court ateliers in producing  sumptuous illustrated and illuminated manuscripts. These manuscripts reveals the history and the diverse art form of the Islamic World. The catalogue, which measures 26cm (W) x 29cm (H), offers 180 pages of informative contents about one of the most important manuscript in the Islamic world.


    Author: Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
    Year Published: 2016
    Pages: 180
    Weight: 1.5kg
    Product Dimensions: 26cm x 2cm x 29cm
    Product Code: 978-983-2591-12-2

  • Symbols Of Power And Beauty: The Collection Of The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia



    Islamic Arms and Armour, being part of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia collection, represents the finest and most exquisite form of art produced in the Islamic world. Despite popular misconception, many of this weaponry were not mainly produced for battles or warfare. They are, in fact, primarily produced as expressions of social status, accessories in ceremonial gatherings and as diplomatic gifts. Furthermore, their decorations reflect the finest workmanship in gemstone setting, intricate calligraphic inscription with gold and silver inlay, as well as in the art of metallurgy. These arms and armour, being the pride of the society, were always portrayed in major epic stories in addition to miniature paintings. The miniature paintings highlight the beauty and effectiveness of Islamic arms, illustrating the tactics and strategies that attest to the pre-eminence of Muslim warfare.

    Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia is publishing a catalogue of over 200 objects of arms and armour entitled “Symbol of Power and Beauty: The collection of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia”. The artefacts included in this catalogue reflect the arms and armour from around the Islamic dynasties, beautified with elaborate miniature paintings. The catalogue, which measures 24cm (W) x 29cm (H), offers around 220 pages of stimulating journey through the history and culture of the Islamic world.


    Author: Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
    Year Published: 2015
    Pages: 220
    Weight: 1.65kg
    Product Dimensions: 24cm x 2.5cm x 29cm
    Product Code: 978-983-2591-11-5


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