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  • The Holy Month of Ramadan: A Visual Celebration



    The month of Ramadan is the world’s most widespread fast and the most important month in the Islamic calendar. It is a time when Muslims around the globe unite in peace, prayer and piety and strive to take the opportunity to quest for the divine. They ask for forgiveness and strength to further their understanding of what Islam teaches us as humanity in search of divine nearness, selflessness and dignity.

    Featuring over 300 outstanding photos from the past editions of the “Capture the Spirit of Ramadan” International Photography Competition™, this book aims to enlighten readers about the holy month of Ramadan. Photos include colorful celebrations of happiness and togetherness among families and friends, historic and modern Islamic architecture, traditional foods and festivities, spiritual serenity and stories of normal people, of the humble human experience under Islam.


    Author: Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
    Year Published: 2015
    Pages: 344
    Weight: 2.6kg
    Product Dimensions: 26cm x 3cm x 29cm
    Product Code: 53020

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  • Lasting Impressions: Seals from the Islamic World



    Islamic seals were the namecards of their day. In early Islamic societies a seal presented the image a person wished to project to the world, yet often conveyed much more than was written or perhaps intended. A seal inscribed simply with the name of the owner and a pious phrase might also reveal when and where that person lived, their social status and aspirations, and their religious beliefs. While the calligraphy and design of a seal reflected the artistic spirit of its time and place, it could also be shaped by personal taste, whether cutting-edge or conservative.

    Presented in this book are over 300 Islamic seals, dating from the earliest days of Islam through to the modern era. They include both matrices made of precious stone and metal, and impressions stamped on manuscript documents and books, mainly from the collections of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, the British Library and the British Museum. Unlike European seals which are primarily pictorial, in Islamic seals the inscription takes centre stage. It is this focus on writing, in the sacred Arabic script, which links seals from all parts of the Muslim world, from Morocco to Malaysia, and from Iran to India and Indonesia.


    Author: Dr Annabelle Teh Gallop & Dr Venetia Porter
    Year Published: 2012
    Pages: 199
    Weight: 1.6kg
    Product Dimensions: 24cm x 2cm x 29cm
    Product Code: 978-983-4469-69-6

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  • Ann Dunham’s Legacy: A Collection of Indonesian Batik



    When Ann Dunham moved to Indonesia, she became captivated by batiks and the lives of batik makers. As an anthropologist, she worked to improve the lives of craftspeople by setting up micro credit and small enterprises. At the same time, she acquired batiks from bustling cities and quiet villages, pieces which were true reflections of the “cloth of the people.” The exhibition and accompanying catalogue, entitled “Ann Dunham’s Legacy: A Collection of Indonesian Batiks,” focuses on the life and work of Ann Dunham, as well as explores the history of batik, how it is made, worn and collected, as well as its alluring array of patterns and motifs. The exhibition and catalogue is further enhanced with selected examples of batik from the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia collection.


    Author: Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
    Year Published: 2012
    Pages: 110
    Weight: 1.1kg
    Product Dimensions: 26cm x 1.5cm x 29cm
    Product Code: 978-983-4469-67-2

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  • Address Book PP Cover by Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia Shop


    This is an Address Book consisting of several designs made by the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. Namely, “Map of India Orientalies Amsterdam 1606“, “Miniature Painting Mughal India“, “IAMM Logo“.


    Material: Paper
    Weight: 150g
    Product Dimensions: 10cm x 1.2cm x 18cm
    Product code: 32042

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  • Tile Contemporary Islamic Calligraphy By Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia Shop


    Exclusive to the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM); own a wonderfully crafted tile decorated with Islamic calligraphy by talented artists. Designs include Surahs from the Quran, the Shahadah, beautiful calligrams and more. A wonderful statement piece for the home or office.

    Made in Malaysia


    Material: Porcelain
    Weight: 600g
    Product Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm
    Product Code: 12030

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  • Iznik Tiles By Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia Shop


    Exclusive to the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM); own a piece of history with this beautiful ceramic Iznik tile.

    The design is inspired by Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia’s private archive of Iznik porcelain designs. A wonderful statement piece for the home or office.

    Made in Malaysia
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  • Soft PVC Silicon Coaster By Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia Shop


    Silicone Round Coasters in a combination of Assorted Geometric and other Designs and Colours.


    Material: Silicone
    Weight: 50g
    Product Dimensions: Diameter (9.5 cm) x Height (5 cm)
    Product Code: 11120A

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  • Summer Palette Tote Bag and Pouch Set


    Flaunt your love for years of heritage with our batik inspired tote 💁🏻‍♀️ The perfect finishing touch for your weekend gear with ample space for all your essentials!

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