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  • Baby Balm – Elexia Naturals


    Elexia Naturals Baby Balm is a gentle and hydrating balm.

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  • Balance Essential Oil Blend – Elexia Naturals


    Balance Essential Oil Blend calms and exhilarates ones senses. It combines the power of 5 premium natural oils. Enjoy the experience.

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  • Black Cumin Seeds CO2 100% Pure Essential Oils


    Borneo Essentials 100% Pure Essential Oil – Black Cumin Seeds CO2 5ml


    Black Cumin Seed Full Spectrum (Habatussauda) CO2 Essential Oil Extract. Extraction using SFE method.


    CO2 Essential Oil Extract has been known for the latest technology SFE extraction works at lower temperatures. In general, it has been the recommended method used to extract antioxidant compounds from NSO and exhibits a higher concentration of thymoquinone That makes this method better at preserving terpenes, or flavors, of the plant. This often makes the finished product more desirable. CO2 extraction is also much better for the environment.


    Black Seed Oil has been used for thousands of years. Its use actually dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptians.


    It is praised for its:

    The potential impact on our cardiovascular systems

    Powerful natural anti-inflammatory properties

    Ability to promote healthy digestion

    Healthy skin and nail boosting properties.


    Why do people love Black Seed Oil?

    It reduces the body’s inflammation, naturally.

    It is packed with powerful nutrients that support the hair, skin, and nails.

    May Promote Strong Hair Growth.

    Supports digestion and metabolic function.

    Boosts immunity.

    Scientific studies have called Black Seed Oil the “Miracle Herb” for its wide array of therapeutic benefits


    How to use:

    Diffuse aromatically or, to apply topically, make sure to dilute with Borneo Essentials Fractionated Coconut Oil as needed for skin sensitivity.



    Best Blends: 3 drops of #beo Black Cumin Seed Oil + mix with 50ml #be Fractionated Coconut Oil as a skincare oil apply before sleep!


    Caution: Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult with your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.


    Borneo Essentials

    A Touch of Nature

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  • Face Balm – Elexia Naturals


    The Face Balm is a mild and velvety face maintenance balm filled with natural ingredients to ensure the skin remains beautiful and healthy.

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  • Focus Essential Oil Blend Elexia Naturals


    The Focus Oil blend is an intense minty and spicy blend of essential oils.

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  • FOLO Handmade Soaps


    Handmade soaps are made in small batches with the ingredients of FOLO organic herbs, organic oils, plant butter, and pure essential oils, each handmade soap is not only natural but functional, safe, luxurious and gentle to the skin. Especially good for those with skin sensitivities.

    We have made 3 different types to cater your needs :

    *Indian Borage (Mexican Mint)*
    🔺It is an effective skin remedy from bugs bites to eczema. It possesses the anti-inflammatory compounds that can reduce redness and swelling while it soothes itchy skin.

    *Hanmade Soap* are made in small batches, with the ingredients of FOLO organic herbs, organic oils, plant butter and pure essential oils.

    Each handmade soap is not only natural but functional, safe, luxurious and gentle to the skin. Especially good for those with skin sensitivities.

    *Neem leave*
    🔺to relieve itching and redness in irritated skins. Cracked and dry skin can be moisturised and made smooth by using neem soap.

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  • FOLO Liquid Fertilizer


    Powered by food waste, this bio-nutrient rich fertilizer help with plant immunity and improve long-term soil life for both short and long-term plants/trees.

    Features :
    – help plant immunity.
    – improve long-term soil life.
    – microbe diverse.
    – soil conditioner.
    – concentrated (mixing ratio, 1 BGP : 100 water).
    – recycled bottle (used food grade bottle).


    Volume : 330ml


    Directions :
    – mix 10ml of Black Gold Potion with a litre of water
    – agitate the mixture
    – apply to plant via foliar spray or feed to soil directly
    – repeat every 2 weeks throughout growing season
    – only mix what you need to use as mixture cannot be stored.

    Refill option is available at FOLO farm (Johor Bahru)

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  • Lip Balm (Trio pack) Elexia Naturals


    The Elexia Naturals Lip Balm range is specially formulated with natural ingredients.

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  • Malayan Honey – Premium Stingless Bee Honey


    Malayan Honey is all locally-farmed, premium quality, raw stingless bee honey harvested with environmentally sustainable practices, with a unique refershing tangerine taste.

    Every drop of honey is carefully and ethnically sourced from communities of well-trained beekepers in the unpolluted rainforests of Malaysia. Sitngless Bee Honey has been described as a new superfood with it’s high nutritional values!

    Pamper your body with this amazing honey and feel the magic within!

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  • Oleeva Milk Wash Elexia Naturals


    Oleeva (Natural Facial & Body Care). Oleeva cleanser is suitable from top to toe , but especially so as a facial cleanser.

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  • Sweet Surprise Luxe Edit Gift Set – Elexia Naturals


    Sweet Surprise Luxe Edit Gift Set. A perfect natural and wellness experience. Gift it to yourself or to someone you love and care for.


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  • Wonder Balm – Elexia Naturals


    The Wonder Balm is a soothing and intense moisturizing multipurpose balm that soothes, calms, relieves and moisturizes ones skin.

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