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  • Embroidered Palestinian Pencil Cases


    Handmade Embroidered Palestinian Pencil Cases. Made in Hebron, Palestine. Comes in 4 colours with different patterns.

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  • Memo Cube Ikat Fabric Prints by Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia Shop


    Memo Cubes with assorted prints on its cover taken from various Ikat Fabrics.

    Ikat Fabrics are produced using a particular dyeing and weaving technique called Resist Dyeing which creates distinctive patterns on the  textile produced. Individual yarns or bundles of yarns are bound with a tight wrapping in a desired pattern and then dyed.


    The bindings may be altered to create new patterns and dyed in a different colour multiple times producing elaborate and colourful patterns. The bindings are then removed and the yarn woven into cloth. This creates a fabric that has patterns on both sides of the finished cloth.


    Material: Paper

    Dimension: 10.5 x 9 x 3 cm

    Weight: 200g


    Product Code: IAMMS-32083


    Please note that delivery from the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia Shop may be delayed due to the current MCO 3.0


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